E-Sheet launch

This weekend (15-16 September) the ice hockey competitions of the Royal Belgian Ice hockey Federation (RBIHF) start, this is an important moment for the E-Sheet project.

For those who don't know it yet I created the E-Sheet application for the RBIHF. The main purpose of the application is to make the administration of the games easier and faster. The biggest improvement is that the game sheets don't have to be written down and reentered afterwards on the RBIHF website, by using the E-Sheet the data is only entered once and synchronized with the RBIHF servers. Another positive note is that there is less change of cheating; e.g. adding players after the game has started.

In addition to the program I also build a website. The website runs on Drupal 7 and is multilingual there are three languages available; English, Dutch and French. The website consists out of several useful features for the users of the E-Sheet; e.g. Help pages, download page, known issues. For more information on the website check it out or take a look at it's project page.

For this project I needed to build several drivers; one of those was the QMySQL driver. Since there wasn't a lot of information about this topic I wrote a tutorial on it once I figured out how to do it myself, a lot of people seem to like it so if you need help building your QMySQL driver on windows make sure you check it out. Then there was also the Poppler library, but after several tests I didn't end up using it in the final product.

There are still a lot of features that can be implemented, to make the experience even better and reduce the change of cheating even more. But these features have to wait for future versions...

However if you want see what it looks like check out the help pages, they contain a lot of screenshots.