Sportiek Spins wins CIL-Cup

Last Saturday (28th of January) Sportiek Spins, the inline hockey club of Brasschaat, has won the CIL-Cup (that is the Belgian Cup) by defeating the Wolves Charleroi with 3-14.

From the start of the first period it was clear that Sportiek Spins controlled the game. With a short handed goal Sportiek Spins took the lead early in the game and never gave it away.

The period scores were 0-3, 2-3, 0-5 and 1-3. If you want to view the full game sheet, check the attachment below.

The atmosphere was really great, to 'relive' the the evening check out the gallery on their website and if you weren't able to attend the game but still want to watch it, it's possible thanks to . The video can be found above.

PS: The news is already a few days old, but since the website wasn't online before today I obviously couldn't post it sooner.