April 2010 to June 2010

For the course "Introduction to Web Technologies" I had to create a blog and an online portfolio. The website had to be built with PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, XHTML and CSS.

There were a few requirements; the website had to be XHTML and CSS valid. When everything was finished we were encouraged to use AJAX where possible. Everyone alse had to implement one unique extra, I choose for an AJAX calendar and an event system. The event system was based on the event system I saw on a few Drupal websites.

Functionality requirements

  • Blog
    • Post/edit/delete blog entries
    • Post/edit/delete comments
  • Portfolio
    • Upload assignments and allow them to be downloaded by registered users.
    • Auto generate a list of all the acquired skills (from the uploaded assignments)
  • Users
    • Register, log in and log out
    • Different user levels (Admin, registered, guest)
  • Extra
    • AJAX calendar
    • Event system