Chess using speech interaction

For the course Technologies and Tools for User Interfaces at UHasselt. Pieter Vincken, Geoffrey Beertens and I formed a group. Our assignment was to create something using speech.

Since we didn't have a lot of inspiration we decided to create a 'simple' chess game with speech interaction. With 'simple' I mean not completely according to the rules, because of the lack of time.

Some of the rules we didn't implement are:

  • A pawn can move forward two squares during his first move.
    This doesn't really changes the game a lot. I will just take a little more time. Of course there are situations where this will be a disadvantage, but you can agree with the other player to 'play nice' to solve this problem.
  • We don't check your moves for check. This means:
    • If the opponent checks you, you have to notice it yourself. So you can do a move that doesn't get you out of the check.
    • Checkmate won't be handled, so you have to hit the opponents king to win the game.
    • If you can do a certain move that will check your own King. Don't be stupid and think before you do your move. An example of this in the demonstration above.
  • Rules like
  • ...