IRC Client

For the course Computer Networks at UHasselt. Pieter Vincken and I formed a group. Our assignment was to create a basic IRC client with at least the following requirements:

  • Log in to the server with a chosen nickname.
  • Join, create and leave channels.
  • Send and receive messages to/form channels.
  • Send and receive private messages.
  • Send and receive files using DCC, underneath using P2P.
  • Basic admin feature(s). E.g. Kick.

As a server we were obligated to use WeIRCd, which is discontinued by now. We choose to use Qt for this assignment, however we were still obligated to use the default socket library of C, not the one from Qt.

The following commands were implemented: /nick, /user, /pass, /connect, /join, /privmsg, /part, /partall, /quit, /dcc send, /dcc reject, /names, /mode, /real. More information about the commands can be found here.