For the course Software Engineering at UHasselt. I formed a group with 5 other people. The group were obligatory, chosen by the education staff. This caused some serious problems between some group members. Some members even left during the process. But that's all I'm going to say about that part of the project.

Our task was to develop Robo Race, a computer variation of the game Robo Rally. It can be played locally against bots or over the local network. The number of players may vary between 2 and 8.

The first part of our task was analyzing the given problem/game and creating the required diagrams. E.g. domain model, sequence diagrams, contracts, etc. This was done during the first months.

The rule book can be downloaded in attachment. Since we didn't have to implement all the rules, a short list of things we did differently:

  • You can only have one upgrade card.
  • You can't exchange an upgrade card to avoid a damage point.
  • The robot lasers only last one square when shot instead of the normal lasers that will continue as long as it isn't stopped by an object. E.g. a wall.
    The normal laser will go through robots but only the first robot that was hit will be damaged. This is visible on the image below, look at the purple
  • ...