E-Sheet launch

This weekend (15-16 September) the ice hockey competitions of the Royal Belgian Ice hockey Federation (RBIHF) start, this is an important moment for the E-Sheet project.

For those who don't know it yet I created the E-Sheet application for the RBIHF. The main purpose of the application is to make the administration of the games easier and faster. The biggest improvement is that the game sheets don't have to be written down and reentered afterwards on the RBIHF website, by using the E-Sheet the data is only entered once and synchronized with the RBIHF servers. Another positive note is that there is less change of cheating; e.g. adding players after the game has started.

In addition to the program I also build a website. The website runs on Drupal 7 and is multilingual there are three languages available; English, Dutch and French. The website consists out of several useful features for the users of the E-Sheet; e.g. Help pages, download page, known issues. For more information on the website check it out or take a look at it's project page.

Website E-Sheet

This website has been created for the E-Sheet project, using Drupal 7. I created the website in addition to the application for a few reasons:

  1. So people can easily keep track updates of the application and download them. They will be notified every time a new update has been released.
  2. Allow people to submit problems and follow-up on them, for this feature is use the support module.
  3. I needed a place to store the help pages so they could be updated and translated easily.

The website can be viewed/used in three languages: English, Dutch and French. This is useful especially for the help pages, since not everyone understands English that good and Belgium is a multilingual country where the main languages are Dutch and French so they where added as well.

Website Gilbert Mathieu Nijs

The personal website of Gilbert Mathieu Nijs, economist & marketeer. Born in Southern-Germany, now living in Belgium. Speaks Dutch, German, English & French. Read his first book about stock markets at age 10. Founded several businesses. Currently working on another brand-new start-up. Advisor to several organizations & companies.

This is a another website build as a student worker for mediaworqs. This time I didn't use Drupal, since it is only a small static text and a simple contact page.

Website JongLibertairen

This is another project as a student worker for mediaworqs. Just like the previous projects we developed a Drupal website and a suitable design. This time the website was developed for JongLibertairen, the youth division of the Belgian political party "Lijst De Decker".

Below you can find a few screenshots of the website. Feel free to check out the website.

Website Kristof Willekens

Another project as a student worker for mediaworqs. Just like the previous projects we developed a Drupal website and a suitable design.

Below you can find a few screenshots of the website, the gray/black icons will color when hovered, to give you an idea of the colors I placed a few samples below as well. To get the real look and feel visit the website.